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A physical? It’s not just for high school kids trying out for sports. While it does provide a great excuse for a check-up, being in a locker room isn’t the only reason to get a physical. As we get older, it somehow becomes easier to avoid the doctor, even though more problems start to occur as we age. Insurance will cover a physical, so there’s no reason to put off a visit to Hill Family Medicine for a little check-up.

As we get older, the cells in our body start to reproduce slower, deteriorate faster, and die. Our abilities to fight off certain illnesses or disorders start to go right along with them. As we get older, there are plenty of reasons outside the court or gridiron to get a physical. Here are some common issues that can start being addressed when you stop into our Bee Caves location.

Things That A Physical Might Help Address

Whether You Need A Wellness Exam — A wellness exam is something that has traditionally been tied to women’s reproductive health, particularly the vulva, breasts, and uterus. As men have started to become more aware and careful of their health in recent years, a male wellness exam has arisen. This exam is much more general than a “well-woman” exam and usually consists of and addresses issues around obesity, blood pressure, and sexually transmitted disease. 

Whether you’re a man or a woman, speaking with a doctor during a physical could help reveal whether or not you need more exams or treatments.

Skin Cancer — Skin cancer is one of the most commonly occurring types of cancer, but it’s also one of the easiest to beat if you catch it early. Most of the time, the first indication of skin cancer is a primary care physician noticing an abnormal and worrisome patch of skin. If this happens, they might send you to a dermatologist for a further, preventative consultation. While it may be uncomfortable for someone to closely inspect your naked body, it’s the first step to preventing skin cancer before it reaches a critical layer of the dermis and begins to spread.

There are different types of skin cancers, some of them are much easier to cure than others, but all of them should be handled as early as possible. Skin cancer breaks down into two main categories, melanoma and nonmelanoma. Nonmelanoma cancer is skin cancer that occurs in the pieces of skin that don’t produce pigment, and it is usually easily cured with simple removal. Melanoma, on the other hand, occurs in pigment-producing skin and is more likely to reach a deeper layer of skin where the cancer can spread more easily.

If it turns out you have other, less serious skin issues, Hill Family Medicine is well versed in different types of skincare, including both medical and cosmetic treatments.

Hormonal Issues — If you have a testosterone or estrogen imbalance, then there are ways to get back to feeling like the normal you. Unfortunately, identifying a hormonal issue on your own, whether it be estrogen or testosterone, is very difficult because many of the symptoms could simply be put under the umbrella of anxiety or depression. While there are overlapping symptoms, the clearest indications will come from abnormalities with your genitals.

  • Warning signs of low estrogen include missing your period, mood swings, fatigue and trouble sleeping, feeling depressed, low libido, dry eyes, skin, or vagina, hot flashes, memory lapses, trouble focusing, weight gain, anxiety, more frequent urinary tract infections and much more.
  • Warning signs of low testosterone include low sex drive, various levels of erectile dysfunction, low amounts of semen, hair loss (especially on the body and face), fatigue, lower muscle mass, higher body fat, osteoporosis, mood swings, anemia, and more.

Without the help of a physician, you’re unlikely to know if you actually have low t, low estrogen, or their less common counterparts. Sharing your concerns with a physician during a yearly physical can help you identify whether you have a serious health issue or just some temporary ailments.

Anxiety and Depression — Oftentimes, people try to find a physical reason for their health issues, even when they’re more related to the mind. While physical health does play a role in inducing depression and anxiety, as well as reducing it, the causes of depression and anxiety are still very complicated and hard to pin down. The main benefit you can get from a physical in terms of anxiety and depression treatment is identifying whether or not there are concrete physical issues that may be causing your symptoms.

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When you’ve decided that you need a check-up, don’t forget about Hill Family Medicine for your next physical. Our primary care doctors take great care to assure that your health is in check and that specialist issues don’t get looked over, with referrals for anything you might need. If you’re in Bee Caves, Lakeway, Westlake, or Austin, then our team is in a prime position to help, call today!