An older woman smiles at a doctor while they talk with the words "Why you should visit your doctor at least once a year."

Annual checkups are an important aspect of remaining healthy as an adult. Unfortunately, for many of us, as the years pass by, we put off this yearly checkup with our doctor. Whether it is because you have an aversion to visiting the doctor or because you have a busy schedule, putting off your annual checkup can be a choice that leads to larger health issues down the road.

As a local Bee Cave primary care physician, serving the Austin and Westlake area, we are passionate about helping our community stay healthy and feel their best. We want you to be able to enjoy each day to the fullest and have the energy you need to complete tasks and stick to your routine. That is why we emphasize the importance of taking out time once a year to come visit our team.

Check out the benefits that an annual checkup can bring and find out why you should never skip your yearly exam.

#1: You Can Catch Warning Signs Early-On

One of the number one reasons why you should make it a point to visit your physician each year is because doing so allows your doctor to catch any early warning signs of a bigger problem. There are numerous diseases that, when caught early, are actually easy to combat. However, when you let a problem go, it only becomes worse and the solution is often far more complex.

When you visit your doctor for an annual exam, they will take down important information. They will track things, such as your blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, and other indicators of your well-being. Each year, as they continue to measure these numbers, they can gain a better picture of how your body is doing overall. They might notice an anomaly that helps them find out about an issue while it is still in its infancy. This is why preventative care is a better approach than simply treating an issue that has been allowed to fester for years.

#2: You Can Receive Reliable And Accurate Information

Too often, we rely on the internet as our go-to source for medical information. While there is undoubtedly a lot of good information online, there is also a lot of bad information. Not only that, but when you apply medical information incorrectly, you can also wind up misdiagnosing yourself and putting yourself through unnecessary stress.

There is a reason that a doctor spends so long in school. There is a lot to learn in the world of medicine and your quick online search of symptoms isn’t going to dive into the intricacies that a doctor can. Next time you find yourself staring at a website at midnight, convinced that you are dying of cancer, consider an annual checkup instead. Your doctor can provide you with factual information about your health, about how to make good choices for your body, and about what to expect from the year ahead.

#3: You Have A Chance To Put Fears To Rest

Similar to the vein above, we often allow ourselves to stew over a medical problem for so long that we blow it out of proportion. Do you have a strange mole on your leg that you think might have changed in size or color? Does your digestive system give you trouble from time to time? Instead of sitting at home and worrying needlessly about what might be a super inconsequential problem, turn to your family doctor.

During an annual exam, you can bring any questions you want to your doctor. They can address concerns you have or just general inquiries about your health. This will allow you to stop worrying about something that might not even be a big deal.

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#4: You Will Build A Quality Relationship

The more you get to know your primary care physician, the less stressful a visit will be. Coming in for your annual checkup allows both you and your doctor to form a quality relationship. This is critical for your long-term health. You need to know you can trust your doctor implicitly and they need to feel like they know who you are and what your specific needs might be.

By visiting each year, you can establish a long-term relationship. This will make it easier if you do face a medical issue down the road. Your doctor will already know you well and can treat you accordingly.

#5: You Can Prepare For The Year Ahead

Whether you are planning to add a baby to your life in the next year or you are putting together a backpacking trip across Central America, an annual exam is a great way to prepare for the year ahead. Your doctor can give you advice on vaccinations or lifestyle changes you might want to consider. They can help you plan for any big changes you might be making over the course of the following 12 months. This can put your mind at ease as you go about daily life.

Are you interested in finding a primary care physician in Bee Cave to book your annual exam with? We can help. We provide outstanding preventive care and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your medical needs. Our doctors are dedicated to providing the local area with quality family care. Our clients come from all nearby communities, including Bee Cave, Austin, Lakeway, and Westlake. Come see us today!