man with headache sitting on couch

Don’t let your body languish in pain! There are many warning signs and symptoms that our bodies use to warn us that there is an issue going on inside it. When we ignore the symptoms, or try and treat them ourselves, complications can arise, and we can end up in critical condition.

In Bee Cave, Hill Family Medicine wants to make sure you are comfortable and healthy at all times. Today we’ll look at some caution signs that there could be an issue in your body. Call us today to schedule an annual check up, and start your preventative care today!

1. Chest or Upper Body Pain and Discomfort

Heart attacks don’t come on suddenly and make the person affected tumble to the ground clutching his or her chest like they do on TV. Symptoms come on more slowly, and cause uncomfortable pressure, and squeezing pain in the center of the chest that lasts several minutes, then recedes, then comes back again. Symptoms can sometimes be felt in the neck or arm, and victims may experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, back pain, or shortness of breath. If you feel pain similar to this, contact your healthcare professional, or visit an urgent care center immediately to ensure your safety, and prolonged good health.

2. Tenderness, Pain, and Swelling in the Legs

In the instances of pain, swelling, and tenderness in your lower body, it is always smart to consult a doctor, but the severity of the swelling can dictate how urgently you should act. If swelling symptoms in the legs come on suddenly, or are accompanied by chest pain and difficulty breathing, you should visit an emergency care center. This could be a sign of a blood clot or heart condition that requires attention immediately. If the swelling and pain comes about gradually, you should see your regular doctor as soon as you can. This can be caused by arthritis, drug usage, injury, and poor circulation.

3. Feelings of Pointlessness

Depression is very common amongst Americans, and can cause terrible moods that can lead to poor health or self harm when it is left untreated. Symptoms of depression include feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, self-depreciation, loss of motivation, appetite and weight changes, sleep irregularities, a feeling that you’re always tired, and more. Speaking to loved ones or a skilled counselor can help bring you back into a healthy state of mind. It’s never too early or too late to reach out.

4. Terrible Headache

Sorting out dangerous and chronic headaches from common minor headaches can be difficult. Not only for the person having the headaches, but for medical professionals as well. There are some warning signs that should always be taken seriously if you often suffer from headaches. Headaches that are accompanied by other symptoms such as neck pain and stiffness, personality change, or loss of bodily function will often require emergency medical attention. You should also contact your healthcare provider if you have headaches that constantly interrupt your day and make you lose focus, repeatedly come on after physical activity, or you develop headaches after having cancer. Headaches can signal serious conditions in your body, and if they are severe, they should be treated ASAP.

5. Shortness of Breath

There are a myriad of different conditions that affect your breathing. While most causes are not dangerous, and are easily treated, if breathing difficulty is new to you or worsening over time, it could be a sign of serious ailments. If there is a cessation of breath or serious breathing difficulty that comes on suddenly, urgent attention should be sought out. If people with known conditions like asthma are still having breathing problems when the normal medication and treatment is not working, emergency services should be contacted immediately.

6. Uncontrollable Weight Loss

Losing weight is normally something to be excited about when you have been working toward it through dieting and exercise. However, if you start losing weight without trying, there could be serious health issues like overstress, depression, infection, cancer, or digestive disorders going on in your body. In these cases, you should contact a healthcare professional to have your symptoms checked.

In the end, nobody knows your body better than you. If you’re experiencing pains that you do not normally have, get in touch with a doctor to make sure you do not have serious health issues. The Hill Family Medicine team in Bee Cave is always here to help with primary and emergency care services. Get in touch with us today to schedule your next appointment.