When it comes to your health and well-being, the more knowledge you are equipped with the better. As your local primary care physician serving Bee Cave and Austin, we are proud to provide you with resources and information that will ensure you are leading your best life. In this portion of your blog, you will find helpful tips for daily health, as well as information about common problems we treat at our clinic. At Hill Family Medicine & Skin Care, we believe that taking charge of your health begins with being equipped with the right knowledge. Find out how to implement a healthy lifestyle here.

  1. A woman sits on an observation table while a doctor speaks to her

    Importance of Routine Wellness Exams

    Wellness exams are something that medical professionals recommend having done routinely, usually once a year if you’re in good health, otherwise appointments are often scheduled out six months apart. These exams are something that many people skip out on because they don’t feel like they gain an…Read More

  2. A doctor holds a chalk board that says "get your flu shot"

    Risks of the Flu vs. the Risk of Flu-Shot Reactions

    For many people who are debating whether or not to get their influenza vaccine, or “flu shot,” the biggest factor in deciding whether or not the flu shot seems worth it for them are the side effects of a flu shot versus the possibility of getting the flu. However, the two really aren’t compara…Read More

  3. family preparing healthy meal together

    12 Ways To Encourage Healthy Eating Habits In Children

    Healthy eating habits are developed over a lifetime, and it’s important to start with your children to place them on a path toward a lifetime of choosing good foods. It’s often a fight to get your little one to try new and healthy foods, so we’ve compiled this list of ideas for you to try next…Read More

  4. man and doctor having a discussion

    The Importance of Annual Physicals

    Regular health checkups are important, but they are often ignored or put off — sometimes until it’s too late! Annual checkups provide preventative care, and can help guide you towards healthier living in the upcoming year. In today’s post, we’ll look at reasons why annual physicals are impor…Read More

  5. A woman works out, holding the heart beat readers on her exercise machine

    4 Benefits of Exercising Regularly

    If you’re like most Americans, then you probably don’t get as much exercise as you should. Many of us have incredibly busy schedules that often keep us out of the gym It’s certainly easy to get into the habit of saying “I’ll go tomorrow” when you do finally have a break in your schedule.…Read More