When it comes to your health and well-being, the more knowledge you are equipped with the better. As your local primary care physician serving Bee Cave and Austin, we are proud to provide you with resources and information that will ensure you are leading your best life. In this portion of your blog, you will find helpful tips for daily health, as well as information about common problems we treat at our clinic. At Hill Family Medicine & Skin Care, we believe that taking charge of your health begins with being equipped with the right knowledge. Find out how to implement a healthy lifestyle here.

  1. A mother and her daughter smile and speak with a doctor with the words "Helping your kids love a visit to the doctor."

    Helping Your Kids Love A Visit To The Doctor

    For many adults, the thought of a trip to the doctor makes their stomach turn and anxiety take over. In many cases, this unnecessary dread of a visit to the doctor starts at a very young age. For this reason, if you have children, teaching them to love visiting the local family physician can be bene…Read More

  2. A pair of children rest on top of their mother on the couch with the words "Top methods for preventing illness in your home."

    Top Methods For Preventing Illness In Your Home

    Do you feel like your family is constantly battling one illness or another? This can be particularly frustrating when you have young kids in the home. It might feel like you are never done being sick. As your local primary care physician in Bee Cave, we are passionate about ensuring that you and you…Read More

  3. A woman breaks a cigarette in half with the words "Tips for quitting smoking once and for all."

    Tips For Quitting Smoking Once And For All

    If you are someone who has been smoking for years, odds are good you have tried to quit a time or two. Unfortunately, giving up cigarettes is no easy feat. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), research indicates that nicotine is equally addictive as heroin, coc…Read More

  4. A woman sits on an examination table with the word "What to do when visiting the doctor gives you anxiety,"

    What To Do When Visiting The Doctor Gives You Anxiety

    No matter how old you are, visiting the doctor is probably not high on your list of “fun” activities. In fact, many grown adults experience a large amount of anxiety or fear surrounding a visit to the doc. As a local Bee Cave primary care physician, we hate to see people in our community avoid a…Read More

  5. An older woman smiles at a doctor while they talk with the words "Why you should visit your doctor at least once a year."

    Why You Should Visit Your Doctor At Least Once A Year

    Annual checkups are an important aspect of remaining healthy as an adult. Unfortunately, for many of us, as the years pass by, we put off this yearly checkup with our doctor. Whether it is because you have an aversion to visiting the doctor or because you have a busy schedule, putting off your annua…Read More

  6. A woman in a red sweat shirt walks down a path, the words "important tips for choosing the right physician" are overlaid on the photo

    Important Tips For Choosing The Right Physician

    When it comes to choosing your primary care physician, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions and specific needs you want to be met. After all, you are trusting your primary care physician with your long-term health and wellbeing. You want someone who is going to be there for you through the good a…Read More