Whether you are facing a painful ear infection or you were recently injured in a fall, knowing what to do when you have an urgent need for medical attention is a must. At our urgent care clinic in Bee Cave, we provide an array of medical services for those who can’t wait to see their regular physician but aren’t in need of Emergency Room care. Our goal is to utilize this portion of our blog to provide you with helpful insights into common medical woes, such as colds, bumps, and bruises. Learn more about home remedies and when the time has come to visit our doctors.

  1. man with headache sitting on couch

    6 Common Symptoms and Warning Signs That Should Not Be Ignored

    Don’t let your body languish in pain! There are many warning signs and symptoms that our bodies use to warn us that there is an issue going on inside it. When we ignore the symptoms, or try and treat them ourselves, complications can arise, and we can end up in critical condition. In Bee Cave, Hil…Read More

  2. A woman relaxes on the beach with the words "Planning a summer trip? Check out these health tips"

    Planning A Summer Trip? Check Out These Health Tips

    With summertime comes an increase in vacations and travel. Whether you are planning a solo trip across South America or you are loading up your kids for a road trip to see the grandparents, traveling can be a wonderful experience, chock full of new memories. However, traveling can also bring with it…Read More

  3. A man works with a stylus in front of a computer monitor with the words "What you need to know about living with a chronic illness."

    What You Need To Know About Living With A Chronic Illness

    Living with a chronic illness can be extremely draining. From constant visits to the doctor to the daily exhaustion you experience, having a chronic illness is no walk in the park. However, those with chronic illnesses can still experience a full and rich life. With the right medical team on your si…Read More

  4. 5 Times To Visit Your Urgent Care Clinic In Bee Cave

    An urgent care clinic offers a quick option for seeing a physician without the hassle of heading to the Emergency Room. While there are certainly situations that call for a trip to the ER, many routine procedures can be handled at your local urgent care clinic. Here at Hill Family Medicine, we provi…Read More