With heart disease, cancer, and many other life-threatening conditions occurring at high rates with those who are overweight or obese, those who are significantly overweight can be up to twice as likely to die prematurely. If you want to live your best life, for the longest time possible, then you need to take measures to ensure you’re in a healthy weight range.

If you’ve been stuck at an unhealthy weight or in a body that makes you feel uncomfortable from day to day, then we can help, with treatments and plans to help you increase your metabolism and boost your mood. Our weight loss programs work by resetting your metabolism through a combination of lipotropic injections and lifestyle changes in order to spur weight loss and fat removal from some of the most challenging areas, such as the stomach or hips.

Based on the latest in medical science, Dr. Matthew, our resident primary care doctor, builds a fully customizable plan for each patient. Plans include weekly monitoring, as well as lipotropic injections at Hill Family Medicine. Plans may or may not include various prescription medications, and/or specialized diet plans. Initial visits always include the following:

  • Initial Upfront Lab Work 
  • Complete Medical History
  • Daily Habits and Things To Improve On
  • EKG

The beauty of our program is that it’s non-surgical, non-invasive weight loss, and far from a gimmick. We won’t tell you that our weight loss programs require no work, but we’re confident that if you dedicate yourself to our treatment plans, then we can provide the easiest weight loss of your life. If you need to get your health in check, you want your body to look better, or you’d simply like to feel better on a regular basis, then our medical weight loss programs can help. Call or come into Hill Family Medicine in Bee Cave today to learn more about medical weight loss.