When we work with you for your primary care needs, we want to make sure that your whole range of health is considered, which is why we offer services not only for when you’re sick, but also for when you’re taking measures for health maintenance or prevention.

Preventive Care — Taking measures to prevent disease and sickness is very important, and it can come in many forms. Often times, all you need is help making some small adjustments to your lifestyle. We offer lifestyle modification and health plans that take preventative measures against some of the most common killers. We can help you quit smoking with a smoking cessation plan, battle obesity with weight loss and nutrition planning, and provide screening for a number of diseases, such as cancer, with blood and other pathology tests.

Outpatient Care — Minor bumps, bruises, and emergencies are no reason to suffer a huge medical bill. Coming to the primary care physicians at Hill Family Medicine can help keep the expenses down in a welcoming environment. Anytime you need a flu shot, physical or wellness exam, specialist referral, blood work, or a minor cut, sprain, or tear worked on, choose us to get you in and out with over-the-top patient care.

Mental Health — Being your best self means taking care of your mental health. At Hill Family Medicine, we won’t be quick to judge your ailment as physical or jump right to putting you on a prescription for your mental health. While prescriptions do provide help to many people, we know the key to your mental health is getting treatment and taking small steps to get to a better place. We can develop a plan for your mental health that works cohesively with what we can see from your physical health since the two are often very heavily linked.

If you think any of our services sound like what you need, then please let us be your primary care physicians so we can welcome you to the family. Contact or schedule with us today!